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It is a funny thing when you come full circle.

The things you swore you were escaping come to meet you at last. Sometimes you find yourself helpless like Aladin before Jafar. Other times you find yourself not seeing it as a problem any longer. And that’s exactly how this story goes.Okay…maybe not exactly

Countless hours turned to years spent in the classroom can make anyone restless to get education over with. After all it was the same old broken record. So really, what was there to love except meeting new people who shared my sentiments.

One past student to another, let’s be honest! School drove us crazy as save for the drama, events and opportunity to be out of our parents sights even just for a while. Don’t deny it.

So let’s say the inspirational stories and speeches I had been listening finally got to me. I was on a quest to find something that helps me make a change in my society; I came across this exciting concept Butterfly Effect. And if you haven’t guessed by now, it used the whole formation of a butterfly to create a change.

Imagine having something you cherish so much but people you look up don’t recognize your cherished item. Then out of nowhere someone comes along who greatly appreciates it and encourages you. Because if you’ve got it, nothing stops you from flaunting it.

I was so humbled to see the excitement of students when we share our plan concerning their skills to them. It is a breath of fresh air in the lives of these students. Butterfly Effect gives the platform to kids to redefine themselves not with societal or educational standards.

It basically sprinkles fairy dust on the talents of the kids. And everyone knows the amazing power of fairy dust.

Sadness cannot begin to describe how we felt when we met Steven, a student who was extremely talented in acting and making crafts. Walking in on teachers constantly telling him and his friends “You’re so daft! You can’t even answer such a simple question” and proceeding to shout out them is a shock I still cannot get over. Steven literally saw our sessions as a refuge and space he got to be himself.

It would be a laugh to say growing up always comes with wisdom. And I am sure everyone has exception to this rule. But I can definitely say they you get new insights into things. So here I am offering kids the escape from the system we all loathed.

No reward can beat the proud look on the face of my students when their inventions strut the runways to the view of the audience. Metaphorically of course.

It may sound absurd but I believe every human has a bag of fairy dust they are supposed to share to make someone’s life better. If you look closely you’ll find yours and make amazing use of it.

Because someone sprinkled their fairy dust on you for you to get this far.

Till my next discovery…happy sprinkling!






Permit me ladies and gentlemen

To go a bit philosophical today of all days

The day people release the ideas they have been cooking for over a year in the form of costumes.

Blink and each time you open your eyes you will see a new costume flash across your eyes quicker than Beyonce can make up a dance move. Kids are happy to wear the most ridiculous outfits they would never have worn on normals days.Adults have the excuse to dress up and live their fantasies no questions asked.

I can’t help but conclude that today is the day in history that you can can drop all that you are known for and take on another persona all together.

Today Harry Potter can drop his wand of goodness and be a Voldermort

Edward Cullen can join the pack of Werewolves and still get away,,

Where Cinderella can join her stepsisters as they go for a ball this evening,

Today we are going OUT OF THE WOODS.

To join the whole HALLOWEEN CRAZE, I am sharing some of the creative costumes i on tumblr.



This one made me smile with hapiness

For all the Game of Throne fans


DOGGY BATMAN…Yeah the fever has caught everyone


This just made my heart melt…such royalty!

Enjoy Halloween Darlings!