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It was never enough!

Surely, there was some other way to quench the thirst that was rising although I wondered what it would be.

I am not going mince words here. As a child I gobbled everything up. And by everything I mean anything that had writings I could see.

There were the usual story books that every parent bought for their children. Then there were the ones I borrowed from the library. Very soon I was reading things off jam bottles and cornflakes boxes. I would run around looking for the parts of the newspaper Dad had finished reading. I would run off and hide and read my head off. I am pretty sure all these led to my need for spectacles but that is a story for another day.

It didn’t matter to me if the subject was boring politics or some current affairs. As long as my little brain could capture some amount of information it was okay. My little 7 year old self did not mind- she just wanted to read.

As the years passed I hid myself in libraries for so long that I lost track of time constantly. Mum would often scold me because instead of stirring the food carefully, I would be so engrossed in a book that the food would be burning right before me. Every day was an adventure for me. I would be far away in some other world created by some author.

So in high school when I had read and reread all the books around me, I was in a dilemma. How was I ever going to survive? I began to ponder on stories I had read and imagined how differently some scenes would have turned out had I been on the writing end.

If I were a cartoon character, this would be the part where a light bulb would go off in my head. An epiphany had occurred and I was ready to put my imaginations in ink on paper. What could be better than that? But as I spent time creating characters and deciding their roles in my story I realized this was no easy task. I was solely responsible for the growth of the characters within the story and I had to nurture them to ensure they reached their full potential.

Some years down the line, I had to put down the ink and paper and pick up my lecture notes if I wanted to graduate. But the door to my love for writing was ajar and always beckoning me to it. And till today I am still haunted by the possibility that I may have ignored a wonderful skill in pursuit of higher grades.

Fortunately, I don’t need to look in a crystal ball to know that it is not too late to pursue that part of me that is still pulsating with life. And it will never go away even if I will it. And to think that I stumbled across this talent as result of a need I wanted to meet.

There are many times that we feel frustrated and driven up the wall. But call it the universe’s way of giving you a shake to get your attention.

Often in those times when I am overcome by strong emotions like fear or love or desperation, I feel the undeniable itch to write. Restlessness would plague me till I put down all the thoughts playing hopscotch in my mind. When the tables turn, I feel inclined to write.

For everyone there are those moments that you are hit so hard with an idea or some courage or some inspiration. Then there are those times that the tables turn on you and you feel like you stuck in stuffy place. But these are the times when the creative juices are ready to explode from within you.

Never ignore these moments, embrace them and let them charge you up and you just may create the most beautiful baby ever created – your personal project.

Have there been any moments where the tables have turned on you and led you to make something you could never have imagined? Share with me in the comments below.

Till the next table comes for me…..


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No you’re not paranoid.

Yes! This is not a drill, its actually happening.

You’re looking at pictures from the past and certain memories flood in reminding you of your past ‘glory days’.

Or maybe you’re suddenly transported back to some distant thought of people you used to hang out with and things you did.

Then the floodgates open and all those boxes labeled in your mind as ‘NEVER OPEN’ just burst open and then you’re caught in your feelings.

About a week ago, on my random stalking on instagram, I came across a post of member of popular girl group addressing some issues. Apparently some cyber bullies who had nothing better to do with their time had photo shopped racist pictures of her and attacked her online.

It was an eye sore and I can sadly say that no human ever deserves to see the kind of thing those ugly bullies did. It was disturbing and pathetic if I am putting it lightly. However it was how she addressed the issue that inspired me.

She mentioned that some years back she used to ask why her skin was a different shade and why her features were different. So she had struggled for years with self-acceptance. But as time wore on, by surrounding herself with a good support system, she has come to love herself so much that no one can take that away from her.

You can complain about her color or anything else but at the end of the day, she is in love with the skin God had given her so you (the bully) can go deal with your own issues. She even ended up partnering with a foundation that supports people who feel cyber bullied.

The whole point of this is, by opening up that old memory she had the courage to deal with those issues and also inspire others in the process.

So it’s not always a breeze sailing through past memories that hold issues we would rather not face. But it is only when you have closure with that dirty laundry from a million years ago that you can actually take on new challenges.

Don’t run away from opportunities that give you an avenue to settle a past difficulty. That may just be the key to open a new door to the present.

Is there any issue from a million years ago that you dealt with and got closure or is there any you are yet to deal with? Share with me darlings!

Till I open my next box….bye darlings!

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Just like that blinding morning sunlight that your curtains cannot even shut out,

Or those drops of rain you cannot escape even if you try to outrun them,

It’s going to happen one way or the other……

As she looked at him she knew it in her gut. After all her gut never lied to her. Call it feminine instinct.
No scratch that. It was simple common sense.
Adam fixed a flower in Lilah’s hair as she looked up at the sun.

They met through their respective roommates’ who took them as wingman and wing woman when they went to the club. Lilah was practically acting as Mia’s mom being overprotective of her new date. It was not in her nature to do so. But after enduring month after month with Mia wailing after one breakup after the other, Lilah took it in her own hands to be Mia’s “chaperone”.

So in between making sure Mia’s date was breakup proof and arguing with Adam who was equally defending his friend as a good person, Lilah lost guard of her heart.

And Adam being the playboy that he was, swooped in and took a firm place right beside her heart. Soon their arguments lost that fierceness and ended up in laughter as Adam charmed his way into Lilah’s heart.

Slowly and surely Lilah found herself craving Adam’s presence more and her thoughts drifting to him concerning the most random things. It was almost as if he had left traces of himself around her so that her mind would not be rid of him.

But like any other girl who had taken so long to build walls around her heart, when they came down, they crashed down so hard they turned to dust. The good girl was cheering for the bad side now: love under a bad sign.

The signs were there, clear as broad daylight. Adam made sure to wink at any lady who turned around and batted an eye at him. Since he was quite a looker, the number of winks was enough to cause a heart attack to a poor old lady. Lilah realized all of this but she brushed it off as an “old habits die hard” cliché.

However as the weeks rolled by she knew that this beautiful madness between them was going come to an end one day. It was not because she was overthinking or reading too much into things.

It wasn’t even because she was a pessimist.

It was the writings displayed so huge on the wall.

It is good to know our demons by their names though sometimes all the information in the world about them cannot stop us.

It cannot stop as us humans from drawing nearer to them in curiosity.

It cannot stop us from playing with fire or fraternizing with the enemy. But there is no shame in following our hearts. Because though we may get scared in the end, we have some irreplaceable memories to show for our brave hearts.

Have you ever faced anything in your life where you knew was going to end badly but you still went for it? You can share your stories with me.

Till the next set of writings appear on my wall…bye darlings!

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Self Romance

It is easier trying to be someone you are not but, it takes true courage to be yourself.



You know how you may just be passing by something but it,takes just a little tweak or action to cause you to sit down and actually take interest in whatever is going on?
Well this quote from Normani Kordei of fifth harmony did just
that to me. I was so overwhelmed bya the amount of power these words carried.

Living in a world where the traffic jam on the streets has now been moved to social media, it is easy to get caught up.

Let’s just be honest, scrolling through your timeline may lead you to girls obsessing or complaining about the thigh gap, s-line or even thigh brow.Society has created some standards-no matter unattainable they are-for people to reach.

Individuality is a filthy rag now since being clones of celebrities is the in thing now.We have tossed away what a person possesses to make a difference-talent,hard work,drive,passion,skill,comitment- and have prioritied status,body and charm.

So young people these days do not aim to take over the planet but aim at achieving the perfect appearance and therefore I fear.

I fear for the next generation whose parents obsessed about getting the perfect image and forgot to enrich their minds and souls hence ending up empty.
What are these kids going to thrive on?

It all bores back to the perfect little box society is trying to push us into.If were all supposed to look the same God wouldn’t have spent all that time giving us distinct features.

Remember that pretty would open doors for you but brains would let you walk in.Don’t just get to the door and get stuck behind the glass wall.
Flaunt you uniqueness,
Celebrate your quirkiness,
Work around your flaws,
Use your strengths to encourage others.


You need not copy others to be beautiful or to be seen.
Mentally stimulate yourself and enjoy being in your skin.

Have that Self Romance!
Till my next self date….bye darlings!

photo credits
Winnie Harlow (amazing woman)
Latina magazine 2015



Please take note of this warning.

What you are about to read is going to change your life forever..

Okay! Maybe not forever but for a while your life is going to change..

Okay! Maybe your life is not going to change…

You might probably not be affected by what I have to say….well that descended quite quickly– but I’m going to share this with you anyway and from there you can make that decision whether your life was changed or you banged your head against the wall for reading this.

A couple of weeks ago the ‘ONE MORE SLEEP’ campaign was launched by yours truly. And after i crossed my first hurdle I decided to live my life based on this mantra…

“I F YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT”. It might seem like a strange and slightly silly mantra but it makes sense when you apply it. So today I saw some drama happening and I decided to go ahead and  put the spotlight on this issue.

Today on twitter the hashtag #LaurenIsOurPrincess is trending worldwide. Well apparently Lauren from the girl group was dating a member of another boy band and had recently broken up. This boy band was interviewed in Australia and two of the members made jokes about “having a go at Lauren” during the time she was dating the boy.This guy said nothing as his friends make jokes and ‘slut shamed’ Lauren. The rest of the world heard it and now people are standing up for Lauren.

It is NEVER ever right to make JOKES about ‘having a go at a woman’ no matter the circumstance. Women are our mothers, our sisters, our teachers and our wives. It is not cool to speak degrading terms about a woman no matter what she may have done. It shows a high level of immaturity.

Guys who sit around and cat call women and make them feel uncomfortable are no exceptions. Women are not commodities or goods that you should be drawing attention to. If you think a lady is pretty the mature thing is to approach her and tell her nicely.That’s what a REAL man does.

So many ladies have lost their self confidence and interest in men because of some of the actions of SOME guys who have passed inappropriate comments about their looks.

I was glad when most interviewers, reporters and other ladies are showing their disgust at the rude comments of these immature boys.

Today I take a stand against slut shamming and I am throwing the spotlight on this issue.

Is there any incident that relates to this spotlight issue? Is there anything you want me to throw the SPOTLIGHT on? You can share with me my dear readers.

Till the lights spots something…bye Darlings!