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It is a funny thing when you come full circle.

The things you swore you were escaping come to meet you at last. Sometimes you find yourself helpless like Aladin before Jafar. Other times you find yourself not seeing it as a problem any longer. And that’s exactly how this story goes.Okay…maybe not exactly

Countless hours turned to years spent in the classroom can make anyone restless to get education over with. After all it was the same old broken record. So really, what was there to love except meeting new people who shared my sentiments.

One past student to another, let’s be honest! School drove us crazy as save for the drama, events and opportunity to be out of our parents sights even just for a while. Don’t deny it.

So let’s say the inspirational stories and speeches I had been listening finally got to me. I was on a quest to find something that helps me make a change in my society; I came across this exciting concept Butterfly Effect. And if you haven’t guessed by now, it used the whole formation of a butterfly to create a change.

Imagine having something you cherish so much but people you look up don’t recognize your cherished item. Then out of nowhere someone comes along who greatly appreciates it and encourages you. Because if you’ve got it, nothing stops you from flaunting it.

I was so humbled to see the excitement of students when we share our plan concerning their skills to them. It is a breath of fresh air in the lives of these students. Butterfly Effect gives the platform to kids to redefine themselves not with societal or educational standards.

It basically sprinkles fairy dust on the talents of the kids. And everyone knows the amazing power of fairy dust.

Sadness cannot begin to describe how we felt when we met Steven, a student who was extremely talented in acting and making crafts. Walking in on teachers constantly telling him and his friends “You’re so daft! You can’t even answer such a simple question” and proceeding to shout out them is a shock I still cannot get over. Steven literally saw our sessions as a refuge and space he got to be himself.

It would be a laugh to say growing up always comes with wisdom. And I am sure everyone has exception to this rule. But I can definitely say they you get new insights into things. So here I am offering kids the escape from the system we all loathed.

No reward can beat the proud look on the face of my students when their inventions strut the runways to the view of the audience. Metaphorically of course.

It may sound absurd but I believe every human has a bag of fairy dust they are supposed to share to make someone’s life better. If you look closely you’ll find yours and make amazing use of it.

Because someone sprinkled their fairy dust on you for you to get this far.

Till my next discovery…happy sprinkling!




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1000 HANDS

No one likes awkward silences right?

Like the silence that follows after a lecturer asks a question and the students are dead silent but the lecturer is not willing to let the  answer go so easily.

Trust me when I say that silence is way more awkward than walking in on your best friends having a go at each other… another story for another day my darlings.

And I know because, I have been on both sides of this situation,the teacher students one I mean get your mind out of the gutter yall.If I have been able to let you picture that awkward feeling successfully then half my job is almost done.

Add restlessness and a drop of loneliness and you can fully appreciate what I am driving at.I cannot overemphasize how crazy it drives me when I am stuck in a monotonous rut.

Its like using a stick to keep poking your skin.Or watching disney princess always being saved by prince charming…ugh!Its uncomfortable as hell.

So call me strange but I love challenges .I love how you must adapt to suit whatever the challenge may be and finding ways to overcome them.

Frankie was fresh out of school with only her knowledge in hand and happy take on the world.She had not really been told about how the job world was a jungle and no one was going to baby you.

Without a doubt she set out determined to apply whatever she had learnt from school to heal the world.Now there was nothing wrong with that but, the world and especially the job market was full of people with the crude idea of making people bend to their will.

So she worked hard to get to work in the field she had trained for but they all wanted someone with experience.Plesae tell me how people can get experience when no one is willing to give them a chance to get that experience.

Soon Frankie realised that to get something she never had she must do something she’s never done before.Of course there was a particular goal she wanted to attain; a particular place she wanted to reach.However to get there she was going to have to pass through a lot of tunnels just to get there.

She was to pass through a 1000 hands to get to exactly where she wanted to get to.These 1000 hands were the bad experiences, the footprints she made, the marks she carved in people’s hearts to get to her pot of gold.

Sometimes what we may want to do may not come wrapped in the shiny paper we expect it to.But what we need to realise is that all these 1000 hands we go through better prepare us for the place we dream of.

If you aren’t like me and idleness doesn’t drive you up the wall then take a step and try something you may never have thought of trying as long as its legal.Lets keep it clean people.

I promise you that these 1000 hands open doors to those 1000 opportunities written in your fate.Its worth a try.

Is there anything you had go through, before getting to your dream ,that you realised was good for you in the end? Share with me in the comments below.

Till I say goodbye to my 1000th hand, keep smiling darlings!

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Self Romance

It is easier trying to be someone you are not but, it takes true courage to be yourself.



You know how you may just be passing by something but it,takes just a little tweak or action to cause you to sit down and actually take interest in whatever is going on?
Well this quote from Normani Kordei of fifth harmony did just
that to me. I was so overwhelmed bya the amount of power these words carried.

Living in a world where the traffic jam on the streets has now been moved to social media, it is easy to get caught up.

Let’s just be honest, scrolling through your timeline may lead you to girls obsessing or complaining about the thigh gap, s-line or even thigh brow.Society has created some standards-no matter unattainable they are-for people to reach.

Individuality is a filthy rag now since being clones of celebrities is the in thing now.We have tossed away what a person possesses to make a difference-talent,hard work,drive,passion,skill,comitment- and have prioritied status,body and charm.

So young people these days do not aim to take over the planet but aim at achieving the perfect appearance and therefore I fear.

I fear for the next generation whose parents obsessed about getting the perfect image and forgot to enrich their minds and souls hence ending up empty.
What are these kids going to thrive on?

It all bores back to the perfect little box society is trying to push us into.If were all supposed to look the same God wouldn’t have spent all that time giving us distinct features.

Remember that pretty would open doors for you but brains would let you walk in.Don’t just get to the door and get stuck behind the glass wall.
Flaunt you uniqueness,
Celebrate your quirkiness,
Work around your flaws,
Use your strengths to encourage others.


You need not copy others to be beautiful or to be seen.
Mentally stimulate yourself and enjoy being in your skin.

Have that Self Romance!
Till my next self date….bye darlings!

photo credits
Winnie Harlow (amazing woman)
Latina magazine 2015

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I don’t believe in treating people equally.

Yes! I see you over there shaking your head and you over there scrunching your eyebrows. You are probably reading it again to see if you saw right.

Well…you did. Now before people start raising placards against my post, give me a chance to explain it.

I don’t believe in treating people equally…
I believe in treating people FAIRLY! Confused? Let’s get down to business.

Quite recently the whole world celebrated fathers. But I noticed something peculiar about the Fathers’ day wishes this time around. It read ‘ Happy fathers day to all responsible fathers ‘. I smiled when I saw this and just looked over it. But apparently this was a real issue. In the Pratt family, I had Sadie gushing about how much she loved her father, Mina just shrugging and Phoebe rolling her eyes at the mention of her father. I personally knew Mr Pratt was an amazing person. The problem was not with what he was not doing, it was with what he was doing.

If your alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning is loud, then imagine it ten times louder and persistent. That is the only way I can describe Sadie. She is loud,bold and persistent that it sometimes gets to the annoying level. To Sadie, Papa Pratt was an amazing father because she got everything she wanted and had an amazing relationship with him.

Phoebe never said the same thing twice. She is a very observant person who keeps everything that happens to her ‘treasured’ in her heart. Unlike Sadie who could argue with her father over her clothes and join him to watch a game of football 2 minutes later, Phoebe is quite sensitive. Tell her no and she would not ask again. Scream at her and she cannot look at you in the face till a week later.
Probably to Mr Pratt, he was treating his daughters equally by saying ‘no’ to them when he needs to and spending time with them. However he was not treating them fairly. He was not loving them right.

Treating people equally would never create an amazing atmosphere because what may work for one may not work for the other. Some people need patience and attention. Others cannot stand it when you spend too much time tending to them.
Some may stand before you and fight back for what they belive in while others would coil in their shell when you disagree with something they share. The key to dealing with all these is to treat people fairly.Give them what they are due. Do not place everyone on the same scale expecting that they would have the same reactions to things you may do.

Relationships are broken because some people may have been hurt and are therefore treating all members of the opposite sex equally.
The fact that you brought your first girlfriend flowers at dinner with a violin playing and she kissed you does not mean you should ignore your fiancee’s wish to spend the evening watching movies and sharing an icecream. You do not have all the answers so it is important to listen and deal with people based on their personalities.

Treating people fairly means giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Treating people fairly means giving them the space to be themselves.
Treating people fairly means loving them right.

Have you ever experienced any situation where you were treated equally on the same scale with another person? Do you think fairly works? I would love to read your reactions to this post and I promise to treat your reactions fairly 🙂 .
Till I love everyone right…bye Darlings

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So I have been told more than once

It’s not the phrase in itself that drives people crazy. It is the sense of conviction that people use when expressing this simple statement.

SIMPLE! Wait let’s bring the top down. This is not a simple statement. It holds the stories to people’s past, the key to their present and a glimpse of their future and I don’t meant to sound philosophical.

“You have no idea how I got here darling!” “If only you could feel what I am going through!” “As if you know what’s in store for me!” “When were you born? Do even have any experience..Please!” These and more all definitions of the simple phrase ‘You don’t understand’. Okay so let’s bring it back to 140.

I sighed as the 100th car and I am not exaggerating this time pulled up before the church in my neighborhood. It was amazing as to how many people entered the church just to say goodbye to Juliet.

A week ago Juliet’s boyfriend had found her hanging from the ceiling in his apartment. According to different sources, Frank, the said boyfriend was a flirt who dragged women to his apartment each time Juliet left. Sadly she could not take it anymore and crossed over to the other side leaving a letter for her mum and younger siblings.

Holding one of the top positions in her working place, Juliet was a beautiful lady with so many friends and acquaintances. So I wondered why she would kill herself over a guy. But a friend who last talked to her said that she told her ‘You would not see me on Monday’ with a sad and pensive expression. Her friend asked her what she meant and she only replied ‘You don’t understand’. Her friend left it at that and laughed it off as nothing.

We may not totally understand what someone may be facing at a particular but sometimes sharing an experience of one’s difficult time when no one understood us is enough to pull that person out of that depressed state. I personally don’t like ‘What if’s’ but in this situation what if her friend had been a bit more curious? The people at her funeral could have been at her wedding.

And while I could go on and on about how disrespectful Frank was to Juliet’s feelings, the image of Juliet hanging there which he said he couldn’t get out of his mind is enough evidence of the wrong he did her.

So I don’t exactly understand but what I do understand is you need someone to be a solid ground for you. This should our simple motto in life that way we can save young innocent lives.In this month of love let’s make a real effort to sprinkle drops off love to everyone in our lives in any way we can.

Till I understand better….bye my darlings!



Diamonds are forever

At least that’s what they told me .

So what happens when the diamond rolls off into the mud?

If you are not already drowned in the excess talk about my love for girl groups then you are in luck. This obsessive love for girl groups led me to an amazing discovery:K-POP( Korean pop). Its amazing the the amount of girl groups with amazing voices , looks ,choreography and personalities that abound in Korea.Well let me get back to my bit.

Screaming happily, I barged into Lisa’s room excited over the news of the release of the video for the new single ‘Divine’. Believe me, I was in my fangirl moment.But there she was crying while listening to the song. I waited patiently for her to finish tearing up along side the song, and she answered the obvious question.

The bond was broken. The 9 member girl group I fell in love with had lost one of its members because management had kicked her out. The truth was, it was a result of a dispute with the now ex member over the opening her fashion line while in the midst of promoting their new album.

Now let’s be really honest here. Ladies quarrel over anything and everything. So they probably got carried away,exchanged some words and finally, someone got hurt and left.

There is one thing Iearned quite early in life and that was to have what I call a PAPER HEART.

A heart that allows hurts and pain to float away.

A heart that is light and does not harden with all that life throws at us.

Many fans around the world are now torn between supporting the group and siding with the now ex member. I believe with a paper heart, that bond of sisterhood formed 7 years ago that the whole world admired would not have been broken.

Have a paper heart Darling…and let that pain flutter away.

Is there anything having a paper heart has helped prevent? You can share with me.

Till the next time my heart flutters…bye Darlings!