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It was never enough!

Surely, there was some other way to quench the thirst that was rising although I wondered what it would be.

I am not going mince words here. As a child I gobbled everything up. And by everything I mean anything that had writings I could see.

There were the usual story books that every parent bought for their children. Then there were the ones I borrowed from the library. Very soon I was reading things off jam bottles and cornflakes boxes. I would run around looking for the parts of the newspaper Dad had finished reading. I would run off and hide and read my head off. I am pretty sure all these led to my need for spectacles but that is a story for another day.

It didn’t matter to me if the subject was boring politics or some current affairs. As long as my little brain could capture some amount of information it was okay. My little 7 year old self did not mind- she just wanted to read.

As the years passed I hid myself in libraries for so long that I lost track of time constantly. Mum would often scold me because instead of stirring the food carefully, I would be so engrossed in a book that the food would be burning right before me. Every day was an adventure for me. I would be far away in some other world created by some author.

So in high school when I had read and reread all the books around me, I was in a dilemma. How was I ever going to survive? I began to ponder on stories I had read and imagined how differently some scenes would have turned out had I been on the writing end.

If I were a cartoon character, this would be the part where a light bulb would go off in my head. An epiphany had occurred and I was ready to put my imaginations in ink on paper. What could be better than that? But as I spent time creating characters and deciding their roles in my story I realized this was no easy task. I was solely responsible for the growth of the characters within the story and I had to nurture them to ensure they reached their full potential.

Some years down the line, I had to put down the ink and paper and pick up my lecture notes if I wanted to graduate. But the door to my love for writing was ajar and always beckoning me to it. And till today I am still haunted by the possibility that I may have ignored a wonderful skill in pursuit of higher grades.

Fortunately, I don’t need to look in a crystal ball to know that it is not too late to pursue that part of me that is still pulsating with life. And it will never go away even if I will it. And to think that I stumbled across this talent as result of a need I wanted to meet.

There are many times that we feel frustrated and driven up the wall. But call it the universe’s way of giving you a shake to get your attention.

Often in those times when I am overcome by strong emotions like fear or love or desperation, I feel the undeniable itch to write. Restlessness would plague me till I put down all the thoughts playing hopscotch in my mind. When the tables turn, I feel inclined to write.

For everyone there are those moments that you are hit so hard with an idea or some courage or some inspiration. Then there are those times that the tables turn on you and you feel like you stuck in stuffy place. But these are the times when the creative juices are ready to explode from within you.

Never ignore these moments, embrace them and let them charge you up and you just may create the most beautiful baby ever created – your personal project.

Have there been any moments where the tables have turned on you and led you to make something you could never have imagined? Share with me in the comments below.

Till the next table comes for me…..




Do I get an ‘Amen’ for saying that I absolutely hate looking stupid.

I am sure everyone does except you are a member of the cast of Friends . (lol…I love friends)

But the fact remains, standing at an isolated place with thousands of cars passing on and the drivers looking at you like you have something to offer them is a ‘No No’.

And I had to go through that for over 15 minutes. Banging my head against the wall would not have equaled the pain I felt from standing there.

Now to you!

Why do you have to beg someone to meet you somewhere and show up 20 minutes later? Is it an issue with punctuality,telling the time or just plain rudeness?

No one wants to spend their Saturday morning losing pounds unwillingly because the sun melted them away.Giving up my sleep for myself is not easy but giving it up for someone else is just plain suicidal.Yet all this earned me an image of an idle girl tapping her feet,checking the time and trying to read through some stories on Wattpad.

And please ,when you feel like you may blocking people behind you because of a tangible reason,please move aside a bit and let them through.Do not stand in the way and chat with other people while others grow old behind you.It is just plain rude.

However all this,the Bible tells us that ‘love is patient and kind.It is not selfish’. Therefore for that reason I try to show this love to everybody even if they make me feel like pulling my hair out.

Please do present yourself even to strangers as a polite person.It makes all the difference.