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No you’re not paranoid.

Yes! This is not a drill, its actually happening.

You’re looking at pictures from the past and certain memories flood in reminding you of your past ‘glory days’.

Or maybe you’re suddenly transported back to some distant thought of people you used to hang out with and things you did.

Then the floodgates open and all those boxes labeled in your mind as ‘NEVER OPEN’ just burst open and then you’re caught in your feelings.

About a week ago, on my random stalking on instagram, I came across a post of member of popular girl group addressing some issues. Apparently some cyber bullies who had nothing better to do with their time had photo shopped racist pictures of her and attacked her online.

It was an eye sore and I can sadly say that no human ever deserves to see the kind of thing those ugly bullies did. It was disturbing and pathetic if I am putting it lightly. However it was how she addressed the issue that inspired me.

She mentioned that some years back she used to ask why her skin was a different shade and why her features were different. So she had struggled for years with self-acceptance. But as time wore on, by surrounding herself with a good support system, she has come to love herself so much that no one can take that away from her.

You can complain about her color or anything else but at the end of the day, she is in love with the skin God had given her so you (the bully) can go deal with your own issues. She even ended up partnering with a foundation that supports people who feel cyber bullied.

The whole point of this is, by opening up that old memory she had the courage to deal with those issues and also inspire others in the process.

So it’s not always a breeze sailing through past memories that hold issues we would rather not face. But it is only when you have closure with that dirty laundry from a million years ago that you can actually take on new challenges.

Don’t run away from opportunities that give you an avenue to settle a past difficulty. That may just be the key to open a new door to the present.

Is there any issue from a million years ago that you dealt with and got closure or is there any you are yet to deal with? Share with me darlings!

Till I open my next box….bye darlings!