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Not to kill the vibe or anything but put your hand up if:

PS: I mean mental raising your hands because it would be just weird if you randomly did that in public. I mean imagine the stares and I don’t to carry the guilt of doing that to you. Okay, I may have gotten carried away for a second; but to the issue at hand.

At one point or another in your life, what everyone accepted “in thing” just didn’t make sense to you.

Yeah don’t run away from your rebellious streak even if it was something as petty as arguing out which part of the pizza was the best.

How about putting up your hand if you didn’t want to be the ‘anti’ one and therefore went with the flow. Come on don’t be embarrassed…we can’t all be carrying placards screaming our justice for our thoughts.

Point is, if you participated in the little exercise above you may or may not have giggled at how silly you were trying to fit in with the in crowd.

Or how ridiculous you had to behave to get that crush notice you.

Probably not all these situations ended up in laughter but some actually ended in real tears. Whether it is because you got up and realized you deserved better or your best was totally ignored by someone who you saw as irreplaceable, you moved on from that situation.

Cheers to you!

Because hey…what’s a love that doesn’t keep you up all night and all day right?

No matter what road you took to get to the self-empowered or strong person you are today, something had to die.

It could have been an illusion, a perception, a feeling or a fantasy. But only when did that thing die did you feel alive.

Sometimes when we lose some things we are inconsolable at that moment. We try to retrace our steps to figure out where we went wrong.

But honey…it isn’t always your fault. Something had to be crushed to make space for something better.

So anytime something dies, cry it out, sip some tea and pull yourself together because what’s coming right after is going blow your mind, in a good way.

Till we overcome that next death….bye darlings.



This song makes me feel blue.It reminds why I am thankful for the God given gift of music.So I want to spread this love.I dedicate this to all my followers who have made me feel welcome in this community.Together we are perfect.Enjoy!



Well aren’t you looking pretty poking your little head through the tons of promises you have buried yourself under.

Promises that are weighing so heavy on you just because you lost courage along the way or forgot why you made them anyway.

Yes! It happens to the best of us. Every year we end it with the question “how did I even end up here in the first place”

No doubt this year is going to bring that same feeling of déjà vu if we approach it the same way.

Yeah! We scream New Year means a fresh start.

But is it really?

Being a psycho magnet is not that easy especially when you keep attracting the aggressive kind of guys. This pattern has run along in your life for years and you feel like this is the year to stop this menace.

Yes you say it, but what you are actually going to do about it? You can’t just expect the new year to drive away those ‘bad guys’ from your life.

Remember it’s a New year not a repellant.

It’s up to you to stop looking for the wrong things in people and actually find people who would build you up.

Believe it or not those men only come into your life because you allow them to.
The race for social media acceptance is no joke.

Seriously it can cause migraines for days.

Because obsessing over the number of likes you would receive on your recent instagram post is enough to cause pounding headaches.

Many people spend hours making up, finding the right angle and outfit just to take the perfect picture for their followers.

Yes models do that but I haven’t been informed of any policy where the number of likes on a picture determines the dollars in your account.

Seriously, we need to go on a social media detox once in a while so we can actually spend time with the people that matter around us; our friends and family.

So no matter what river you have to cross this year to dig yourself out of those promises you are buried under…

It would only happen if you make an effort

Till I am wide awake darlings…stay woke!

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Just like that blinding morning sunlight that your curtains cannot even shut out,

Or those drops of rain you cannot escape even if you try to outrun them,

It’s going to happen one way or the other……

As she looked at him she knew it in her gut. After all her gut never lied to her. Call it feminine instinct.
No scratch that. It was simple common sense.
Adam fixed a flower in Lilah’s hair as she looked up at the sun.

They met through their respective roommates’ who took them as wingman and wing woman when they went to the club. Lilah was practically acting as Mia’s mom being overprotective of her new date. It was not in her nature to do so. But after enduring month after month with Mia wailing after one breakup after the other, Lilah took it in her own hands to be Mia’s “chaperone”.

So in between making sure Mia’s date was breakup proof and arguing with Adam who was equally defending his friend as a good person, Lilah lost guard of her heart.

And Adam being the playboy that he was, swooped in and took a firm place right beside her heart. Soon their arguments lost that fierceness and ended up in laughter as Adam charmed his way into Lilah’s heart.

Slowly and surely Lilah found herself craving Adam’s presence more and her thoughts drifting to him concerning the most random things. It was almost as if he had left traces of himself around her so that her mind would not be rid of him.

But like any other girl who had taken so long to build walls around her heart, when they came down, they crashed down so hard they turned to dust. The good girl was cheering for the bad side now: love under a bad sign.

The signs were there, clear as broad daylight. Adam made sure to wink at any lady who turned around and batted an eye at him. Since he was quite a looker, the number of winks was enough to cause a heart attack to a poor old lady. Lilah realized all of this but she brushed it off as an “old habits die hard” cliché.

However as the weeks rolled by she knew that this beautiful madness between them was going come to an end one day. It was not because she was overthinking or reading too much into things.

It wasn’t even because she was a pessimist.

It was the writings displayed so huge on the wall.

It is good to know our demons by their names though sometimes all the information in the world about them cannot stop us.

It cannot stop as us humans from drawing nearer to them in curiosity.

It cannot stop us from playing with fire or fraternizing with the enemy. But there is no shame in following our hearts. Because though we may get scared in the end, we have some irreplaceable memories to show for our brave hearts.

Have you ever faced anything in your life where you knew was going to end badly but you still went for it? You can share your stories with me.

Till the next set of writings appear on my wall…bye darlings!

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Self Romance

It is easier trying to be someone you are not but, it takes true courage to be yourself.



You know how you may just be passing by something but it,takes just a little tweak or action to cause you to sit down and actually take interest in whatever is going on?
Well this quote from Normani Kordei of fifth harmony did just
that to me. I was so overwhelmed bya the amount of power these words carried.

Living in a world where the traffic jam on the streets has now been moved to social media, it is easy to get caught up.

Let’s just be honest, scrolling through your timeline may lead you to girls obsessing or complaining about the thigh gap, s-line or even thigh brow.Society has created some standards-no matter unattainable they are-for people to reach.

Individuality is a filthy rag now since being clones of celebrities is the in thing now.We have tossed away what a person possesses to make a difference-talent,hard work,drive,passion,skill,comitment- and have prioritied status,body and charm.

So young people these days do not aim to take over the planet but aim at achieving the perfect appearance and therefore I fear.

I fear for the next generation whose parents obsessed about getting the perfect image and forgot to enrich their minds and souls hence ending up empty.
What are these kids going to thrive on?

It all bores back to the perfect little box society is trying to push us into.If were all supposed to look the same God wouldn’t have spent all that time giving us distinct features.

Remember that pretty would open doors for you but brains would let you walk in.Don’t just get to the door and get stuck behind the glass wall.
Flaunt you uniqueness,
Celebrate your quirkiness,
Work around your flaws,
Use your strengths to encourage others.


You need not copy others to be beautiful or to be seen.
Mentally stimulate yourself and enjoy being in your skin.

Have that Self Romance!
Till my next self date….bye darlings!

photo credits
Winnie Harlow (amazing woman)
Latina magazine 2015




Okay, that may be a bit much but, we are all on the edge asking why people have chosen twitter as a judge Judy court  to display their relationship issues.

Be my guest if painting your love life on social media is what you love after all we live for the drama.But I believe the root cause of all this supposed drama is. people deliberately ignore the basics of every relationship.

And I need to get it out out of my hair…

So I am going to share a couple of quotes that inspire me each time I consider myself and my relationship with others.

Before you utter those sacred words..remember

love you

Sometimes you need your head and not only your heart because:


Before you start regretting your position and start to doubt your relationship:


Before you entered that relationship, you existed and you will exist after it because:


It may be hard to let go now but know that:


The only way forward


Karma will never let you down


Till the next time I need to get something out of my hair…am bowing out darlings!

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“Go back…go pack!”

They say the only way to get rid of something bouncing off the walls of your mind is if you act on it.So here I am doing justice to this simple phrase.

Tale as old as time people cannot help but break off relationships that may leave you wondering if it was not a particular ‘duet’ who swore they could not live without breathing the same air.

But you can either face the truth or run of and crouch at the opposite side of the ring like a boxer about to be knocked out: Nothing lasts forever.

Probably the only person who owns twitter and does not tweet but stalks certain people would have to be me but hey, I have no shame admitting that. Not to get sidetracked from the main issue.

A few days ago while doing my random checks on my various ‘stalkees’ if that’s even a word, I saw one very glaring hash tag in capital letters claiming a certain someone had no and I quote directly ‘Chill’.

Like the smell of hot pizza calling out to me I delved into this hash tag not wanting to be left out. The last time I ignored trends I had people screaming in blue or white at every picture of a dress they saw online and we all know how that ended.

Looking into a crystal ball would not have prepared me what I saw online. It was the classic example of airing your dirty laundry out in the public and people not putting their money where their mouth was. One party of a recently broken up celebrity couple had ‘shaded ‘the other party and her friends by deliberately ignoring them and choosing another side in a supposed twitter poll.

To say the twitter world was vibrating with excitement over his retweet is an understatement. People were bringing out various theories about how the girl and her friends first called him irrelevant so he was paying them back in their own coin. Others were accusing him of being insensitive about her feelings.

No one can be wholly fine after any sort of relationship breaks. It does not necessarily have to be romantic only as long as you had some kind of connection on a certain level with a person or group of people. Everyone has a way of dealing with a breakup. Some people try to accuse everyone around them but themselves. Some push people away. Some say hurtful words and actions just so people can say mean things to them in return which would fuel their grief.

No one therefore has the right to judge who feels the pain more when a breakup happens especially if we do not know the full story.

It is high time people rebooted their way of thinking and let go of the stereotypes that whoever ends something must be the one enjoying the breakup. We need to go back and go pack on our thoughts before creating assumptions. No matter the intention for the breakup, there is always of something that both parties lose.

Society must REEBOOT their minds and let go of unnecessary stereotypes that put people in boxes and leave situations to run its own course.

Is there anything you think the society needs to reboot their mind about? You can share with me.

Till I finally feel the kick of rebooting…bye darlings!