This is like the………hmm! Okay I don’t remember!

Its become like my anthem,a chant I try to convince myself of every time.And I know you do that too.

Don’t look away….I’m staring right at you. You are doing the very same things..I know I said it yesterday and as I say it today you are rolling your eyes but you are just as guilty.

I said “No! Not this time!”

The pencil broke and I screamed. I may or may not have looked like a total idiot but I quickly grabbed my books and walked out of the library avoiding the glances coming my way.

Yes! Go on and say it. Open your mouth and cover it with your hands for a dramatic effect.I screamed in a library of all places.

But I was so done when my pencil broke.I had been working on this art piece for a while since all the other ones I started had been abandoned.I promised myself that I was going to finish this no matter what.Yet here I am all fed up and sharing my story with you..lol

I cannot count the number times that Keisha has left the door open.No! Not the door to our room,at least those things are replaceable.The door to her life:heart and mind.

She does not hold back in any aspect of her life.People find it easy to connect to her because no area of her life is out of bounds.But at the end of the day she gets hurt and swears never to go there again.But knowing Keisha,that’s exactly what she will do.

And don’t get me wrong,those hurts have not left her broken.Unknowingly,they have built her up to stand against anything.

My song book is still in my bag,my sneakers are still in my closet.

Those series are still on my laptop,I just lent my cousin my jewelry.

I still volunteer at the children center ,Keisha is just gushing about how she has a date tonight.

I am trying out that recipe again,I am editing that cover I just sang.

No matter the number of times we say no to certain things, we always go back to them in one way or the other.It may be our passion to be creative and express ourselves.Or our genuine care for those involved.Our hope that this time around it will get better.Or our thirst and desire to learn.Probably our unconditional love for the person in question.

But every human has a force that drives him to keep moving ,to keep sharing and keep loving.And we need to guard this driving force because once we loose it we become become just another empty vessel ; broken.

Can you think of anything that has made you go ‘No! Not this time’? I would love to know more about it.

Bye Darlings! As I go back to pick my pencil and continue with my art piece.

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Some times you do find yourself contemplating..

Battling within yourself if this makes sense at all.Because the patterns don’t seem to have a beginning or end but they seem to merge somewhere in the middle.

And your girlfriends can’t seem to get it either-what is that draw those two together? Well let’s get to the center of this.


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Apparently I am.

Of course there are brands preaching the basic story – love yourself for who you are.And this chant seems to have gone down well with the society.

However the thing is,when the message ‘be you and love yourself’ is sent out,this is what the society hears :’You can finally love yourself when you find people like you who hold statuses in the society‘.

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This wasn’t my typical thing to do.
To listen in on another person’s conversations. But considering the volume of their voices while speaking and the passion with which they argued with, I could hardly ignore them.

So the issue at hand was quite simple but at the same time confusing. Let’s call the girl Lisa and the guy Marcus.
Marcus was complaining about girls who put on makeup and use way too much jewelry. He felt that these girls were some sort of money concious girls who were looking for some poor guy to suck dry.
Lisa then asked the question that had been running through my mind from the beginning of his rant. ‘So you like girls without the make up or accessories’? He remained quiet for a couple of minutes only to begin his opening line with ‘Well…’ Continue reading

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Is it enough?

You should probably forget about it.

So what if I don’t have all the ingredients. Let me add this to a list of new things I have tried this year.

These were the thoughts running through my mind as I opened the wordpress site.

Fast forward to almost 3 months later and I cannot see myself doing anything else.I may not have had the support of everyone I mentioned this to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know how difficult it is to get accustomed to such a large blogging community and getting people to actively follow your blog.

Hence I am extremely grateful for my wonderful 6O followers.

From the tips on blogging from ‘Harsh Reality’ to the great feedback from most of you I am slowly carving a niche for myself.

To celebrate this I would like to follow at least 10 new new blogs today.

So give me a shout out if this  the beginning of your journey in this community and I will follow.

This is to many wonderful blogging days ahead.