So I am estatic and have been bouncing up and down in my room since Sunday.My room mates are actually very worried.

But I’ll tell you why. I have been nominated by the amazing Shannon A.Thompson for the very lovely blog award.

Darlings! You should definitely check out her blog.She also has a new book-amazing by the numerous reviews I have seen- TAKE ME TOMORROW and you should definitely check it out.Now down to business.

The rules for this nomination are:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (Done that Up there)
  • You must list the rules and display the award. (Here we are)
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.(Whew! God help me!)
  • You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you. (Already followed (; )


7 FACTS ABOUT ME they are very random

1.I am obsessed with girl groups. I am not even joking about this. From Destiny’s child, TLC, Pussycat dolls,Spice girls,Girls Aloud,Sugababes,Little Mix,GRL to Fifth harmony.I don’t know but I think the whole girl power thing gets to me.

2.I have this weird love for India and Korea.To the extent that when I was in school I used to tell people that my Hindi name was Vedicka and Korean name was Ji eun.I feel that I have a strong connection to these countries. I’m strange right?

3.I don’t know if I should say that I am a songwriter but,I have been writing songs  and singing since I was like 8years. In fact I was in a group with my two childhood best friends.You can check out one of my early singing covers. Very ambitious right

4.I am learning french and spanish in the university right now.But my dream is to be a lawyer and open a rehab center for kids using drugs.

5.I read very quickly.Its like my eyes just roam over the pages and my mind just absorbs the information.It scares me sometimes.

6.I can be very childish sometimes-like cute,dorky,quirky kind of childish- and because of this people take advantage of it sometimes.

7.Laughing is one of my hobbies.I could laugh for 5 minutes non-stop at the same.Its irritating sometimes.


  1. Okay Then ….Mia is such a genuine and nice person.And there is no dull moment on her blog. She has been nominated before but I just love her blog
  2. Bobby Writes …This actually one of my childhood friends who has no idea that I am on this site and even following him. Funny.He gives his honest opinion and shows new talents on his blog.
  3. The Write Perspective ….Dottie actually writes from the heart and she makes her readers as if they were friends with whom she chats with face-to-face.
  4. Candidly Chloe ….As the name states she is candid and frank and true to herself.She writes on real day-to-day stuff.I stumbled on her blog recently.
  5. Hushling Beauty …Stumbled upon this blog recently and its what every lady needs.Especially with fashion and stuff.
  6. Glam Adventures ..A beautiful lifestyle blog.
  7. Meandering Meli …She is such a sweet lady who is up for any challenge. She is new here so check her out as her blog grows.
  8. Story time with John …He may have been nominated many time but I love his blog and he is genuinely funny.He cracks me up all the time.
  9. Love Happy Notes ….Short posts from this blog can keep a smile on your face all day long.
  10. Alexa Rose ….from music to honest thoughts and perspectives this blog is wonderful.
  11. Fearlessy Nat …a fresh blog with a fresh flavour.
  12. Priscilla Sherry ….I honestly enjoy this blog and I hope you would enjoy it too.

Sorry to any blog that has already been nominated or any award free blog but I love these blogs. I hope you enjoyed the random facts about me.And hopefully all these nominated blogs will do justice (; .

Cheers Darlings…you are free to leave comments and thoughts.





I get randomly excited by things around me and today I screamed the walls down and alarmed my room mates.

I have been tagged by the amazing Mia with an incredible blog (y’all should check her blog out).

And this tag involves answering 15 questions that will help your readers know more about you.

And since its such a brilliant idea I am going to accept this challenge.

So here I gooo….

1.A picture of you you’ve have taken.

2012-11-10 20.34.56

2.A picture of you that somebody else has taken


this picture was taken of me unaware soooo…I probably look very disoriented

3.Attach 10 of your current screenshots (yes, you little stalkers, we want to see what weird things you saved)

I love instagram a whole lot so pardon me











4.What is your dream?

Well I have a lot of dreams….how cliche of me!

I have that dream where I sing in the shower and pretend am a bad ass singer on the stage killing some dance moves with people screaming my name.

Then I have the dream to be a writer of some sort and publish a book, be a good mom and dress my baby in cute outfits and have a whole lot of money so I can open  a rehab centre for kids using drugs.

I am very ambitious..thank you very much!

5.A peek under your hood – show us journals/diaries/scrapbooks/sketchbooks.


2014-10-04 23.22.00

2014-10-04 23.21.43


2014-10-04 21.27.52

2014-10-04 21.28.26

Some Doodles

2014-10-04 21.26.31

2014-10-04 21.25.25

6.What do you hope/need/have some deflating ambition to achieve in the next year?

I hope to have officially recorded some original song I have written .I have actually recorded some covers on my own.You can listen to it here SOUNDCLOUD

7.What’s on your current wishlist?

I racked my brain but could not come up with an answer yet I always complain about how i don’t have this or that….Scratch that, I want to own a personal professional studio.

8.What is your inner dialogue like?

ME; Girrllllll…you crazy!

ME; I know…don’t you tell me who I am! You don’t know me.

9.A playlist describing yourself. Do share


10.5 things you love and 5 you hate


a. Couples who show excessive P.D.A with kids around.

b.Celebrity couples you know are just not gonna last

c.People who say ‘accept yourself for who you are’ then turn around and do the opposite

d.People who think they are better than others…shut your mouth

e.Breaking promises


a. Lost souls …these include rebels, isolated people,extremely socially awkward people

b. Old music..like in the eighties..and their fashion..kinda

c.Girl bands…am into the whole girl power thing

d.Disney..animations…and all that jazz

e.People who stand up for what they believe in no matter what…unfortunately am not so strong in that aspect

11.Your favourite quotes/lyrics

don’t need to live by your rules, you don’t control me
Until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you don’t know me

12.Describe your friend group/best friend.

I do not have a particular best friend though I have a couple of close friends and they are HILARIOUS!

13.If you were a character in a book, write how you’d be described.

Is it weird that I have thought about this and pictured myself differently many times?…Hmm

Laughing all by herself in the streets a few heads turned to stare at her. No! She wasn’t insane…crazy? Yes! But not insane. She laughed because she periodically got flashbacks of silly memories as she walked. She looked around with her head bobbing to the music blasting in her ear and she dragged her converse cladded feet across the pavement.The universe was loving her vibes.

14.Are you happy?

Definitely. Not in the literal beaming at everyone and smelling the roses happy..But I am happy!

15.What are you doing in regards to that, mon petit croissant?

Channeling it into my blog and all my project I am working on.

Wooooooooh…That was quite a workout. I can feel the abs on my fingers stretched to perfection.And the biceps are definitely toned.

I’m not sure if I answered these questions like I was supposed to put I tried my best.

So here I am…lying bare before y’all!

Am not sure how this works but I nominate all my readers. And all the credit goes to MIA.

Maybe I should nominate some interesting bloggers I have found.





Darlings! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section….Virtual wave!

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100HappyBlogs #10 FIRE STARTER

Sometimes you simply do not feel like doing something…Period! There are no two ways about it.

But I believe that to every person there are certain things that get him or her interested in doing something. Something that incites us…. maybe gets us excited.

I am going to take it from a very practical angle of life.
I really used to find exercise very tiring. I mean I could watch people do sit ups and press up and actually feel sorry for them. I am not really an athletic person. But one day I went on my usual scout for interesting things to watch on YouTube which involved some of my favorite songs. I chanced upon something that changed my life forever.

Forever in the sense that, being quite fit physically affects all the other aspects of your life. Like mentally, academically even emotionally.
Now before I go all psychological on you, I’ll tell you what has got me all so theoretical. I found a dance fitness class that used most of the songs I loved to create dance routines that are actually fun but help you target specific areas of your body.

An awesome way to keep fit .I could not believe that I was waking up early in the mornings just to exercise. I did not even believe that was scientifically possible… (L.O.L).

So back to the bowl of contention I just want you think of all the things that basically motivate you to do something or get you eager to do something.
It could that lovely dressing your Mum makes, which makes salad taste so good.

Or that group study session that makes really feel like picking up that subject that you do not particularly like. Speaking on that, I have tried it and it actually works. We all know that certain subjects and courses make you feel like screaming your lungs out at the book for no apparent reason. But during group study times with my crazy group of friends they often do and say things that leaves what we were learning permanently etched in my mind.

It is all around us in so many things. The delicious pie your great aunt makes that actually drives you to attend her annual parties. Or that cute guy in that café on the way from work that makes you swallow their horrible coffee.

So I dedicate this blog to all our motivators: what makes us blog. From fashion, literature, music through fishing, skating, babies to humor and love. Cheers to inspirations that spark that light…FIRE STARTERS.

Below is one of the dance fitness videos


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100HappyBlogs # 9 EASY BREEZY

When you watch those commercials on t.v that promise to give you  wonderful fair looks when you use a particular product…

Or when you see pop-ups from websites offering you easy ways to look younger and tips to make wrinkles disappear…

And those shows and articles that promise you a dramatic transformation through weight loss when do you certain exercises or follow particular diets…

Do you feel fed up and tired of seeing them? Do you feel as if they were fake promotions luring people to do the impossible?

Yeah! Been there, done that, seen it all before.I mean sue me for saying this, but how many times have I tried to transform myself into something seen as perfection by the rest of the world, countless times.

I am not attacking any one who may found the secrets to looking younger or fitter or extra classy .I am just trying to tell the world that its time we realize that we cannot all become a particular form if we just wish it.

It took a while for me to realize that we are all different people with completely different bodies and until we understand that, we would be stuck in a rut trying to be something we can never be. This is quite an unhealthy journey because, our mind worries about how we and only we are not achieving the so called target ‘normal’ people are supposed to get.

So I will just share this one tip from personal experience down the rabbit hole; find whats suits you and do it. I am sure this rule cuts across all areas from fashion to diet to exercise to make up. When you truly find what makes you feel beautiful from the inside all other people will see it as well.

I am not promising sudden shrinking of the waistline or having a flawless skin..I leave that to the experts. However take a chill away from all those things we try so hard to do and focus on what actually brings you joy and of course being healthy along side.

I therefore dedicate this blog to all you people who do not find those ‘EASY BREEZY’ tips so easy to follow.To all our imperfections that make us perfect people just the abnormal way we are…


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100HappyBlogs #7 OVER MY HEAD

How many times have you ever thought “Oh My God? Am going to die! I can’t do this. Let the ground open up and swallow me. Please, pretty please. Just take me away”.

Yeah! I went on a whole rant there because this is usually me when I feel like am at the end. And now that sit down and think about it, those times I uttered these words were situations that make me laugh when I think about how bad I freaked out about them. It’s crazy because in those times there was always someone standing at the sidelines telling me it was going to get better. And at that time I wanted totally to smack those people on the head and say “Are you kidding me?”

But somehow someway what they told me came to pass. Though they may have not given a great prophecy of the future, those simple sentences of reassurance came to pass. I naturally tend to fret with people when they are worried and I don’t seem like a good support system.

So I have decided to dedicate my time to tell people who may be finding some difficulties in some way that it shall pass. As cliché as that seems, nothing lasts forever, so if the night is difficult, the new day will come and days will pass. And maybe we may not forget about the past, it becomes a point of reference or even battle scars we wear proudly.

Come what may, things are going to happen; someone is going to misunderstand you. Someone is going to say something about you to another which may not be true. There is going to be a little squabble along the way. But where will be and what stories will we tell of our friendships, journeys and lives if there are no mishaps? Be optimistic but realistic. After all I am a much better person than I was a problem ago.

So I dedicate this blog to all the challenges that put me down but are a source of strength to me. To all who have met best friends, spouses, opportunities and just life lessons from challenges, this is for you.



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100HappyBlogs # 5 SWEET AND SOUR

Have you ever had something that when you do may seem painful yet pleasing at the same time?

Kind of like a massage; the masseuse is causing pain by rubbing your painful spots but at the same time it soothes you. Sweet as strawberry sour as a lemon?

There are so many examples of such things in life.
Like the friend who frustrates you so much but makes you feel good about yourself? You got that right. I have got plenty of such people in my life. They sometimes are so blunt and frank and make me feel like pulling out my hair but at the end of the day I know she is right.

In the same way you have that person who can make you mad and happy within a space of one minute. Yes…we all do have that one person.

Or something you do that brings you so much pain or tiredness but brings you wonderful results. For example for me, it was exercise. I used to feel so reluctant to do it because I felt really lazy to get up and move my body especially early in the morning. But now I have a way of enjoying it; by taking dance…fitness classes.

Whatever may seem as a burden can finally turn into a joy after many times of doing it.

So I dedicate this blog to all the people and things that take me to the opposite sides of scale of life.