Well aren’t you looking pretty poking your little head through the tons of promises you have buried yourself under.

Promises that are weighing so heavy on you just because you lost courage along the way or forgot why you made them anyway.

Yes! It happens to the best of us. Every year we end it with the question “how did I even end up here in the first place”

No doubt this year is going to bring that same feeling of déjà vu if we approach it the same way.

Yeah! We scream New Year means a fresh start.

But is it really?

Being a psycho magnet is not that easy especially when you keep attracting the aggressive kind of guys. This pattern has run along in your life for years and you feel like this is the year to stop this menace.

Yes you say it, but what you are actually going to do about it? You can’t just expect the new year to drive away those ‘bad guys’ from your life.

Remember it’s a New year not a repellant.

It’s up to you to stop looking for the wrong things in people and actually find people who would build you up.

Believe it or not those men only come into your life because you allow them to.
The race for social media acceptance is no joke.

Seriously it can cause migraines for days.

Because obsessing over the number of likes you would receive on your recent instagram post is enough to cause pounding headaches.

Many people spend hours making up, finding the right angle and outfit just to take the perfect picture for their followers.

Yes models do that but I haven’t been informed of any policy where the number of likes on a picture determines the dollars in your account.

Seriously, we need to go on a social media detox once in a while so we can actually spend time with the people that matter around us; our friends and family.

So no matter what river you have to cross this year to dig yourself out of those promises you are buried under…

It would only happen if you make an effort

Till I am wide awake darlings…stay woke!


Author: Nanaaj

I could think of many things that define me ,so here is a list.A student in the university studying languages who writes her heart out on her blog.Occasionally I sing covers of songs I love and share them with my friends.Hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I aspire to publish some of my writings and record some songs in the future and hopefully open a Rehab center.

2 thoughts on “STAY ‘WOKE’

  1. good idea on that social media detox! sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate besides the internet.
    I LOVE your header picture!!

    • Thanks a lot.Looks like I have surgically remove myself from the internet once in a while to encourage others to do so too.Glad you enjoyed the post.

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