It was easy to see that the clenched fists were just a way to stop the others from seeing her shaking.

But was she trembling or shaking from anger? You be the judge of that.

There are those who are painfully shy when they are with people they don’t know. Then there are those who are overwhelmed when they meet too many people at a time. At least these people had tangible reasons for being socially awkward.

But Hani was just plain timid. You could not really blame it on insecurity about her looks because she was one of those with the cute round eyes and a baby face. And you could not blame it on her personality, because behind that timidity was a very talented and funny girl with an infectious personality.

Actually you could blame one thing for the whole timidity thing; her parents. No they did not beat her to a pulp neither did they verbally abuse her. In fact they were great parents. The only thing was they never let her share her opinion about anything.

They were one of those of I-think-I-know-what-is best-for-my-child kind of parents who grabbed what they felt must be liked by their baby. So if they went to a mall to buy toys for little Hani and the salesperson asked her what she wanted, her immediately pointed to a bunch of educational toys they felt would be useful to her. They were not being mean but in their eyes they were giving her the best. Hani grew up thinking that what others had to say was more important than hers.

Now here is climax of this story. In college Hani had managed to join this group that sang and danced and believe it or not she emerged as the leader. Now disciplining yourself to stick to a schedule was difficult. But running the schedule of about 10 people was just plain tough. Hani had to toughen up in order to keep things in order and keep things going.

Gradually Hani learnt to be confident in herself and realized that if she did not believe what she was telling her members, there was no way they would listen to her.

Yet today here someone was telling her that she was no longer the quiet girl they knew but she was now conceited. Hani could not believe what she was hearing and trembled as they tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

A line; the transformer.

That is the only thing that transforms confidence into arrogance. When people are confident people often mistake that arrogance. But there is one thing that differentiates the 2: the willingness to learn more. A confident person knows his abilities and willing to improve to make it better. An arrogant person refuses to admit that there may be someone who could teach him a thing or two.

Before we judge someone for being arrogant we must learn draw the line that separates the two.

Have you ever faced a situation where you were misunderstood or people took your confidence for arrogance? I would love to hear from you my lovely readers.

Till the next line is drawn, bye Darlings!


Author: Nanaaj

I could think of many things that define me ,so here is a list.A student in the university studying languages who writes her heart out on her blog.Occasionally I sing covers of songs I love and share them with my friends.Hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I aspire to publish some of my writings and record some songs in the future and hopefully open a Rehab center.

4 thoughts on “TRANSFORMER….

  1. I love what you said about the difference between confidence and arrogance. There are many times where I’ve seen instances of people getting the two confused. I’ve always been confident about my work but not necessarily arrogant as I don’t mind constructive critism and will use it to improve. But often times people see that and think instantly a person is arrogant. I liked how you described it through Hani. I can definitely relate to that.

    • Thanks for appreciating the post. I was actually inspired by a comment from someone on a post on allkpop about 2pm. The person accused all 2pm members except Taecyeon of suddenly being arrogant since their solo projects were going on well. But what the person failed to see was how confident they had become as they matured.Thanks for reading since am a big fan of your blog.

  2. I love the way you presented the message through a story! I think the difference between arrogance and confidence is just your outlook on other people; a confident person wants to build them up and help them, whereas an arrogant person simply thinks they’re better than everyone else.

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