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“And I would be living the dream life and sharing my stories to inspire others”.

Yes! I know you are probably rolling your eyes at the first line and thinking “what is this? Some Valedictorian speech?”.Trust me, I am rolling my eyes with you and cringing at the cheesiness of this line, but it must be said.

I never actually said that within my four years in the university as a student. Do not get me wrong! I had plans to finish school pursue other things. But sometimes when you wake up and see that there is so much for you to do around you it is impossible for me probably anyone else to see the shiny,bright almost blinding light at the end of the tunnel that everyone claims to see.

Of course, I did not have to look into a crystal ball to know that the heels of my shoes would click against some stones and drive me straight to the ground. And don’t get me started on the creepy people I met and the impossible lectures we had to duel with.Some of them drove me nuts I mean writing 4 essays in 3 hours,I never knew I could write at the rate of the speed of the internet. But God help me, I have acquired this skill if it qualifies as one.

But you how no matter what the situation may be, you have people to complain about it with? Yes, I met those people with whom you can bitch about assignments but still end up doing them anyway. Those people who can call you out anytime any day when you are way out of line.Those people who roll their eyes with you at the same time at the same thing. Yes! Incredible friends.

It would be laugh if I told you that I was here to preach to you about fighting and keeping your head high till the end . Because my roommates had moments where they thought I was loosing my mind because I kept on having screaming matches all by myself. But that was the only thing that kept me sane amidst all the buzz, relationship dramas, parental pressures and all.

But what I can tell you is, at some point all those tips from books about success would be of no help. The only thing that would keep you afloat is your substance and your God. Never lose yourself through out your journey and somehow each day would be easier to bear.

So darlings,I am glad that there is no more night and I can finally see that oscar award winning light at the end of the tunnel. Is there any part of your life where you feel there is no more night?You can share with me.

Till i can take off my shades from this bright light shining in my eyes, bye darlings!


Author: Nanaaj

I could think of many things that define me ,so here is a list.A student in the university studying languages who writes her heart out on her blog.Occasionally I sing covers of songs I love and share them with my friends.Hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I aspire to publish some of my writings and record some songs in the future and hopefully open a Rehab center.

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