Please take note of this warning.

What you are about to read is going to change your life forever..

Okay! Maybe not forever but for a while your life is going to change..

Okay! Maybe your life is not going to change…

You might probably not be affected by what I have to say….well that descended quite quickly– but I’m going to share this with you anyway and from there you can make that decision whether your life was changed or you banged your head against the wall for reading this.

A couple of weeks ago the ‘ONE MORE SLEEP’ campaign was launched by yours truly. And after i crossed my first hurdle I decided to live my life based on this mantra…

“I F YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT”. It might seem like a strange and slightly silly mantra but it makes sense when you apply it. So today I saw some drama happening and I decided to go ahead and  put the spotlight on this issue.

Today on twitter the hashtag #LaurenIsOurPrincess is trending worldwide. Well apparently Lauren from the girl group was dating a member of another boy band and had recently broken up. This boy band was interviewed in Australia and two of the members made jokes about “having a go at Lauren” during the time she was dating the boy.This guy said nothing as his friends make jokes and ‘slut shamed’ Lauren. The rest of the world heard it and now people are standing up for Lauren.

It is NEVER ever right to make JOKES about ‘having a go at a woman’ no matter the circumstance. Women are our mothers, our sisters, our teachers and our wives. It is not cool to speak degrading terms about a woman no matter what she may have done. It shows a high level of immaturity.

Guys who sit around and cat call women and make them feel uncomfortable are no exceptions. Women are not commodities or goods that you should be drawing attention to. If you think a lady is pretty the mature thing is to approach her and tell her nicely.That’s what a REAL man does.

So many ladies have lost their self confidence and interest in men because of some of the actions of SOME guys who have passed inappropriate comments about their looks.

I was glad when most interviewers, reporters and other ladies are showing their disgust at the rude comments of these immature boys.

Today I take a stand against slut shamming and I am throwing the spotlight on this issue.

Is there any incident that relates to this spotlight issue? Is there anything you want me to throw the SPOTLIGHT on? You can share with me my dear readers.

Till the lights spots something…bye Darlings!


Author: Nanaaj

I could think of many things that define me ,so here is a list.A student in the university studying languages who writes her heart out on her blog.Occasionally I sing covers of songs I love and share them with my friends.Hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I aspire to publish some of my writings and record some songs in the future and hopefully open a Rehab center.

2 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT….

  1. YES! Slut shaming is horrible and degrading and, to be quite honest, just sexist because if it were done to a boy they’d get praised

    • My point exactly! Boys are not subjected to this kind of treatment but ladies get it all the time. Glad women are realizing this issue. Thanks for sharing your view.I appreciate it.

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