It is exactly what you are thinking.

Common! Don’t doubt yourself.

Are you still holding on to that thought?

And you’re almost there.

Perfect! School sucks the world!

Of course there so many other fun things associated with school. But once the word pops in our mind, we forget all the other factors that make school bearable. Like our friends, pranking teachers, funny teachers, new clothes,new students and certain school events.

As at now, many of us are probably complaining that we are swamped with assignments and projects. We may have been paired up with partners we do not like or cannot stand. We do not have enough time to do certain stuff – for me its blogging- we love.We literally feel like we are shutting down.

I do not have the remedy to all of the above issues because I am no counsellor, unfortunately. But along the way I have picked up some tips to help make this truckload burden of school quite bearable.

1. Enjoy it. It doesn’t last forever.

This might seem cliché and all but the point is, all through middle school and high school I have realised that I seem to miss certain people and their quirky habits.Some teachers and their outrageous sense of style or a couple we may have teased. So I have made sure enjoy every moment that I find myself in.

2.Make sure to move along with people who will make your ride not so bumpy; friends.

The one who thinks of the same song during a particular situation in class.The one who makes you a tiny bit distracted during study group sessions because of silly jokes. The one who can drag you out of your bed and you have no choice but to follow.

3. Most importantly,stay grounded.

It is easy to get sucked into different whirlwinds in school.But once you are grounded there is no way you can feel overburdened.

For me, God keeps me grounded. Music inspires me and sharing my thoughts through writing de-stresses me. Find your rythm and go with the flow.

Will continue on my next blog on how to make time for friends, family, fun and yourself while in school.


Always be yourself because everyone else is taken.


Author: Nanaaj

I could think of many things that define me ,so here is a list.A student in the university studying languages who writes her heart out on her blog.Occasionally I sing covers of songs I love and share them with my friends.Hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I aspire to publish some of my writings and record some songs in the future and hopefully open a Rehab center.

3 thoughts on “SCHOOL SUCKS ?

  1. Nanaaj my counsellor. ….Hehehe. I love this piece though, quite true. I would like u to write something on how to stay true to urself with the pressures we go through in school.

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